HealthCare Provider Taxonomy Codes Lookup

Updated on July 01, 2023. Version 23.1

Healthcare Taxonomy Codes are used for a variety of reasons which include specialization of health care providers, classification, and type. The Healthcare Taxonomy Set is designed in a hierarchical order that consists of definitions, descriptions, and codes.

The taxonomy code set is updated and published semi annually in January and July of each year. The January publication is available to be used in April and the July release is available to be used in October of that year. The implementation period is the elapsed time between the release date and the effective date. This time allows for vendors, payers, and providers the chance to incorporate all changes into their platforms and systems.

Clinic/Center Military and U.S. Coast Guard Ambulatory Procedure - 261QM1101X

That part of a "fixed" (non-temporary, non-deployed) DoD or Coast Guard entity furnishing surgical procedures requiring medically supervised recovery. Similar to a civilian ambulatory surgical center. May be in shared resources with a DoD or Coast Guard Clinic or a DoD Hospital. Does not include items issued directly to a patient from an outpatient pharmacy or patient transport. Includes initial "take home" pharmaceuticals.

Source: TRICARE Management Activity Uniform Business Office User's Guide [1/1/2005: title modified, definition added; 7/1/2006 title modified, definition modified]