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Provider Information:

Name: Barbara Asher
Gender: F
Provider License Number If Given: R 0070694

NPI Information:

NPI: 1538408182
Entity Type
(Individual or Organization):
Enumeration Date: 2/1/2013

Last Update Date: 2/1/2013

Provider Business Mailing Address:

Address: PO BOX 31001-0698
Pasadena, CA 91110
Phone Number:
Fax Number:

Provider Business Practice Location Address:

Address: 4212 N 16TH ST
Phoenix, AZ 85016
Phone Number: 6022631200
Fax Number:

Provider Taxonomy:

Primary: 163W00000X
Secondary (if any):
State: AZ

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About Barbara Asher

Barbara Asher ( BARBARA ASHER ) is (1) Registered Nurse Physician in Phoenix, AZ. The NPI Number for Barbara Asher is 1538408182.
The current location address for Barbara Asher is 4212 N 16TH ST Phoenix, AZ 85016 and the contact number is and fax number is . The mailing address for Barbara Asher is PO BOX 31001-0698 Pasadena, CA 91110- 6022631200 (mailing address contact number - ).
(1) A registered nurse is a person qualified by graduation from an accredited nursing school (depending upon schooling, a registered nurse may receive either a diploma from a hospital program, an associate degree in nursing (A.D.N.) or a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing (B.S.N.), who is licensed or certified by the state, and is practicing within the scope of that license or certification. R.N.'s assist patient in recovering and maintaining their physical or mental health. They assist physicians during treatments and examinations and administer medications. (2) A provider who is trained and educated in a formal nursing education program at an accredited school of nursing, passes a national certification examination, and is licensed by the state to practice nursing. The individual provides nursing services to patients or clients in areas such as health promotion, disease prevention, acute and chronic care and restoration and maintenance of health across the life span.

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What is the NPI Number for Barbara Asher ?

Answer: The NPI Number for Barbara Asher is 1538408182

Where is Barbara Asher located?

Answer: Barbara Asher is located at 4212 N 16TH ST Phoenix, AZ 85016.

What is the specialty for Barbara Asher ?

Answer: The Specialty of Barbara Asher is (1) Registered Nurse Physician.

Are there any online reviews for Barbara Asher ?

Answer: Not yet!

Are there any other health care providers in Phoenix, AZ?

Answer: Yes, there are given below...

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