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NPI Number Lookup is the premier NPI database in the country with up-to-date information from the latest National Provider Identifier (NPI) records. Launched in 2007, NPI Number Lookup is used by millions of people each year for information on Doctors & Physicians and Groups & Organizations. Our information is provided the National NPI Registry and continually updated for accuracy of information.


Our NPI Lookup can be used to lookup the NPI number registry and find information about healthcare providers that includes Organization name, doctor name, Taxonomy Code, Specialization, Address, City, State, and Zip Code. The NPI Lookup results will include details for all matching providers from NPI Registry matching your search criteria.


By NPPES NPI Registry issuance of an NPI number does not ensure or validate that the Health Care Provider is Licensed or Credentialed.

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What is an NPI Number?

An NPI is a ten-digit, unique numeric identifier for healthcare providers in the United States of America from current National Provider Identifier (NPI) records. An NPI number is required for healthcare providers are used in a variety of ways that including billing, insurance, medicare & Medicaid, pharmacy information, and state specific medical boards NPIs have replaced health care provider identifiers used for standard transactions under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). A provider’s NPI will not change regardless of job or location change(s).


Who needs an NPI number?

The NPI is required for all healthcare providers covered under HIPAA, including but not limited to individual practitioners, group members, and organizations based on National Provider Identifier (NPI) records.


What is an NPI number used for?

The NPI number is used with any electronic transaction identified in HIPPA. It may also be used by healthcare providers to identify themselves or other providers in healthcare transactions or related correspondence; by physicians on prescriptions; by health plans in their communications and transactions; to coordinate benefits with other health plans; to identify health care providers in electronic patient medical records; by the Department of Health and Human Services to track providers in fraud and abuse cases, and other functions.


How do I find my NPI number?

You can find an NPI number by using NPI Lookup form on the beginning of the page that searches our full database at . Our database is regularly updated with the latest NPI information provided by individuals and organizations based on National Provider Identifier (NPI) records.