2251G0304X - Physical Therapist Geriatrics

Updated on July 01, 2023. Version 23.1

A licensed physical therapist, including but not limited to an individual who is a Board Certified Specialist in Geriatric Physical Therapy, who has demonstrated specialized knowledge and skill in the comprehensive biopsychosocial assessment and evidence-based management of movement in aging adults. This includes, but is not limited to, specialized knowledge in and consideration of normal age-related changes and pathological manifestations across all systems; cognition and mental health; polypharmacy; fall risk mitigation; bone health; healthy and active aging, and socioeconomic and health policy issues affecting aging adults. The geriatric physical therapist is an integral part of the interdisciplinary geriatric team and serves as an advocate for the highest level of well-being for the older adult.

Source: American Physical Therapy Association [1/1/2020: definition added] Additional resources: www.apta.org

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