207NS0135X - Dermatology Procedural Dermatology

Updated on July 01, 2023. Version 23.1

Procedural Dermatology, a subspecialty of Dermatology, encompassing a wide variety of surgical procedures and methods to remove or modify skin tissue for health or cosmetic benefit. These methods include scalpel surgery, laser surgery, chemical surgery, cryosurgery (liquid nitrogen), electrosurgery, aspiration surgery, liposuction, injection of filler substances, and Mohs micrographic controlled surgery (a special technique for the removal of growths, especially skin cancers).

Source: American Board of Dermatology, 2007, www.abderm.org [1/1/2008: definition added, source added, title changed] Additional Resources: Some ABMS board certified dermatologists have completed a one-year ACGME approved fellowship in Procedural Dermatology, which has been offered since 2003. At this time the ABD does not offer subspecialty certification in Procedural Dermatology.

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