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Provider Information:

Name: Sean Carley Bell
Gender: M
Provider License Number If Given: C5474

NPI Information:

NPI: 1023023454
Entity Type
(Individual or Organization):
Enumeration Date: 7/31/2006

Last Update Date: 7/8/2007

Provider Business Mailing Address:

Address: 23320 PLACIDE RD
Pass Christian, MS 39571
Phone Number: 2282559800
Fax Number:

Provider Business Practice Location Address:

Address: 127 GARY ST
Gulfport, MS 39503
Phone Number: 2283281202
Fax Number: 2283282522

Provider Taxonomy:

Primary: 1041C0700X
Secondary (if any):
State: MS

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About Sean Carley Bell

Sean Carley Bell ( SEAN CARLEY BELL ) is A Social Worker Physician in Gulfport, MS. The NPI Number for Sean Carley Bell is 1023023454.
The current location address for Sean Carley Bell is 127 GARY ST Gulfport, MS 39503 and the contact number is 2282559800 and fax number is . The mailing address for Sean Carley Bell is 23320 PLACIDE RD Pass Christian, MS 39571- 2283281202 (mailing address contact number - 2282559800).
A social worker who holds a master's or doctoral degree in social work from an accredited school of social work in addition to at least two years of post-master's supervised experience in a clinical setting. The social worker must be licensed, certified, or registered at the clinical level in the jurisdiction of practice. A clinical social worker provides direct services, including interventions focused on interpersonal interactions, intrapsychic dynamics, and life management issues. Clinical social work services are based on bio-psychosocial perspectives. Services consist of assessment, diagnosis, treatment (including psychotherapy and counseling), client-centered advocacy, consultation, evaluation, and prevention of mental illness, emotional, or behavioral disturbances.

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What is the NPI Number for Sean Carley Bell ?

Answer: The NPI Number for Sean Carley Bell is 1023023454

Where is Sean Carley Bell located?

Answer: Sean Carley Bell is located at 127 GARY ST Gulfport, MS 39503.

What is the specialty for Sean Carley Bell ?

Answer: The Specialty of Sean Carley Bell is A Social Worker Physician.

Are there any online reviews for Sean Carley Bell ?

Answer: Not yet!

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