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Provider Information:

Name: Hieu Do
Gender: M
Provider License Number If Given: 295179

NPI Information:

NPI: 1689155426
Entity Type
(Individual or Organization):
Enumeration Date: 8/28/2018

Last Update Date: 8/28/2018

Provider Business Mailing Address:

Address: 1245 N FOXFIRE ST
Anaheim, CA 92801
Phone Number:
Fax Number:

Provider Business Practice Location Address:

Address: 16630 S BROADWAY
Gardena, CA 90248
Phone Number: 3102151600
Fax Number:

Provider Taxonomy:

Primary: 225100000X
Secondary (if any):
State: CA

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About Hieu Do

Hieu Do ( HIEU DO ) is Physical Physical Therapist Physician in Gardena, CA. The NPI Number for Hieu Do is 1689155426.
The current location address for Hieu Do is 16630 S BROADWAY Gardena, CA 90248 and the contact number is and fax number is . The mailing address for Hieu Do is 1245 N FOXFIRE ST Anaheim, CA 92801- 3102151600 (mailing address contact number - ).
Physical therapists (PTs) are licensed health care professionals who diagnose and treat individuals of all ages, from newborns to the very oldest, who have medical problems or other health-related conditions that limit their abilities to move and perform functional activities in their daily lives. PTs examine each individual and develop a plan using treatment techniques to promote the ability to move, reduce pain, restore function, and prevent disability. In addition, PTs work with individuals to prevent the loss of mobility before it occurs by developing fitness- and wellness-oriented programs for healthier and more active lifestyles. PTs: 1.Diagnose and manage movement dysfunction and enhance physical and functional abilities. 2.Restore, maintain, and promote not only optimal physical function but optimal wellness and fitness and optimal quality of life as it relates to movement and health. 3.Prevent the onset, symptoms, and progression of impairments, functional limitations, and disabilities that may result from diseases, disorders, conditions, or injuries. 4.Treat conditions of the musculoskeletal, neuromuscular, cardiovascular, pulmonary, and/or integumentary systems. 5.Address the negative effects attributable to unique personal and environmental factors as they relate to human performance. 6.PTs provide care for people in a variety of settings, including hospitals, private practices, outpatient clinics, home health agencies, schools, sports and fitness facilities, work settings, and nursing homes. State licensure is required in each state in which a PT practices.

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What is the NPI Number for Hieu Do ?

Answer: The NPI Number for Hieu Do is 1689155426

Where is Hieu Do located?

Answer: Hieu Do is located at 16630 S BROADWAY Gardena, CA 90248.

What is the specialty for Hieu Do ?

Answer: The Specialty of Hieu Do is Physical Physical Therapist Physician.

Are there any online reviews for Hieu Do ?

Answer: Not yet!

Are there any other health care providers in Gardena, CA?

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