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Provider Information:

Name: Anil Mehta
Gender: M
Provider License Number If Given: 35066373M

NPI Information:

NPI: 1700885092
Entity Type
(Individual or Organization):
Enumeration Date: 7/19/2005

Last Update Date: 5/31/2011

Reputation Report: Anil Mehta Reputation Report

Provider Business Mailing Address:

Address: 4235 SECOR RD
Toledo, OH 43623
Phone Number: 4194795529
Fax Number:

Provider Business Practice Location Address:

Address: 4235 SECOR RD
Toledo, OH 43623
Phone Number: 4194795529
Fax Number:

Provider Taxonomy:

Primary: 207RN0300X
Secondary (if any):
State: OH

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About Anil Mehta

Anil Mehta ( ANIL MEHTA ) is An Internal Medicine Physician in Toledo, OH. The NPI Number for Anil Mehta is 1700885092.
The current location address for Anil Mehta is 4235 SECOR RD Toledo, OH 43623 and the contact number is 4194795529 and fax number is . The mailing address for Anil Mehta is 4235 SECOR RD Toledo, OH 43623- 4194795529 (mailing address contact number - 4194795529).
An internist who treats disorders of the kidney, high blood pressure, fluid and mineral balance and dialysis of body wastes when the kidneys do not function. This specialist consults with surgeons about kidney transplantation.

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What is the NPI Number for Anil Mehta ?

Answer: The NPI Number for Anil Mehta is 1700885092

Where is Anil Mehta located?

Answer: Anil Mehta is located at 4235 SECOR RD Toledo, OH 43623.

What is the specialty for Anil Mehta ?

Answer: The Specialty of Anil Mehta is An Internal Medicine Physician.

Are there any online reviews for Anil Mehta ?

Answer: Yes! Check It Now.

Are there any other health care providers in Toledo, OH?

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